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Sunday, 6 April 2014


Hi Everyone!

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Well in 30 mins we leave for the airport to take our overnight flight to Tokyo, Japan.

So it's over to you for your comments for SEALED POT SUNDAY WEEK 18 AND 19!

I will try to chuck some savings in a pot whilst we are away and then let you know how much when we arrive back. I have a feeling however that Japan will not be a cheap country.

Can't wait to share the highlights when we return!

  • 1
    Join tour in Tokyo

  • 2
    Walking tour through Tokyo's shrines and gardens

  • 3
    Free day in Tokyo or optional excursion to Kamakura

  • 4
    Boat ride on Lake Ashi; transfer to Hakone

  • 5
    Bullet train to Kyoto; explore the Geisha district

  • 6
    Free time to visit Kyoto's temples and zen gardens

  • 7
    At leisure in Kyoto

  • 8
    Reflect at Hiroshima Peace Park; train to Nagasaki

  • 9
    Take a walk though Dejima, Nagasaki's Dutch quarter

  • 10
    Train and ferry ride to Hirado Island

  • 11
    Full day to explore Hirado and Ikitsuki Islands

  • 12
    Sail among the '99 Islands' then travel to Fukuoka

  • 13
    Tour ends in Fukuoka

Sft x


  1. Have so much fun. In fact have the best time ever. I pray for safe travels, good times, many memories and new friendships and lots of love for you both. Bon Voyage. I look forward to seeing y our photos and learning your stories.

    My tins have not had huge contributions this week. We have had some huge pharmacy bills as well as dad has shingles. It seems to be a gentle illness for him thankfully.

  2. Hi Suze,

    We will have lots of fun, for sure! We have waited a long time for this trip, I can't quite believe it's happening. Thanks for your prayers.

    I promise lots of photos.

    Hope your Dad feels better soon. I'll be thinking of you and if I can I'll send you a postcard from Japan.

    Sft x

    1. The postcard arrived on the very best possible day. Thank you. I loved it. So did dad and he requested could we go on the train.

      One day I may tell you my neighbour's Tokyo train story.

  3. Have a safe trip and tons and tons of fun!

  4. Have a fantastic time and lots of fun. Take care xx

  5. Have a great trip SFT, I know you will squeeze the most out of every experience whilst you are there. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get home xx

  6. Have a great trip and enjoy every moment.

  7. How wonderful for you, my uncle Arthur bought back a war bride from Japan all those years ago and we love Yumiko she is now 90....have a great time.

  8. That has come around quickly. Have a great time x

  9. Have a fantastic time in Japan! I look forward to seeing your pictures. :-)
    For my week 3 (which is your week 18), the sealed pot got quite a few coins this week, adding up to almost $3. The travel savings account got a lot more. Thanks to more gift cards from Target plus saving on other items such as milk I managed to save (not spend!) $44.
    I'd love to see a post some time with details of how you plan and figure out costs for each leg of your trip. I'm doing that right now and I'm really enjoying the process, though finding it hard to figure certain costs for some places.

  10. Enjoy your holiday in Japan. I sold two dolls from my collection so added $32 to the sealed pot.

    1. I sold two more dolls and some Barbie accessories so added $45US to the sealed pot. My goal now is probably to go to New York to visit my MDS who is moving there for graduate school. He is a poet.

    2. Hope you both had a fabulous holiday. I added $10CDN to the pot this week for knitting a baby sweater for a friend.

  11. Wishing you a fabulous trip Julie, know you guys will make it an awesome time. I did Japan in the opposite direction last year - Tokyo to Niigata on the bullet train to join the expedition ship - then north through the Japanese islands to Russia. I loved everything Japanese - I bet you visit the same shrines we did in Tokyo - hope you notice the kindergarten children in their colorful uniforms in the parks etc. - adorable!!!

    Stay safe, hope the expensive food etc. is delicious. Find a shop that sells beautiful painted postcards, bookmarks etc. and buy some (they come in folders/packets and you can split them up as inexpensive little gifts to carry home), I did that as I had no way to carry large items.

    Have fun every day - share your pics, we'll be waiting!
    Hugs, Mary

  12. Our daughter is moving to Fukuoka Japan and will be leaving this Thursday, we won't be going over until next year. Hope you enjoy your trip, she loves Japan and has visited more than 20 times before landing a job there.

  13. Have fun - REALLY looking forward to reading about this trip :)

  14. Oh I missed saying goodbye. Still I hope you have a lovely time. We demand photos ...lots of photos ;-)

    Take care. xx

  15. So exciting! Have a fantastic time. And remember to share photos when you can - looking forward to seeing some! xo

  16. I know I know, I totally vanished last year from the challenge, unfortunately my mother had some medical problems and I dropped everything to go be with her and half forgot to come back and post. However, my total for last year was $447 in coins and combined with the notes I saved, it came to around $700.

    This year my money tins is combined for the next two years. My partner and I have discussed adding a new baby to the family, so I'm aiming to save $7,000 by the end of next year to we might have a little baby in 2016/2017, the contents from the sealed pots will go into that bank account (which already has $220 in there!)

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Japan! It came around so quickly!

  17. Have an absolutely amazing time! Hope you love each and every moment of your trip:-)

  18. Hi SFT

    Hope that you had an awesome time!


  19. I hope you have had a lovely time. cant wait to see the pictures

  20. I hope you had a lovely holiday and you both are home safe and sound and very tired. Hugs.

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