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Sunday, 27 April 2014


Hi Everyone!

I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet! 

I returned from Japan and have been hatching plans for my future and next challenge. 

The biggest decision we've made has been that we are no longer planning a 2020 adventure-it would have meant leaving family for far too long-which won't work. 

Instead we are planning more adventures over the following years. Some with be for Mr Sft and myself. Some I will do alone (which suits me-if I didn't enjoy travelling alone I would never have met Mr Sft in the first place!). All will be for the maximum of 2-3 weeks.

The sealed pot money for last year and this year will now go towards our new plans.

I am excited to hear what you have all been up to and will be posting lots of photos from our Japanese adventure. One of the most amazing countries I've ever visited!

Here's the first:

Sft x


  1. Welcome home! I can't wait to see more pictures. We had a fabulous time in Portugal and our little stopover in Amsterdam. I have just put $2 into our pot for weekends away!

    1. I also believe in having loose travel plans (firming them up a few months out). That allows you to get great deals and roll with whatever punches life swings at us - especially with aging parents and adult kids.

  2. Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing your pics. I will have to do a post on my blog of my savings plans as I have quite a lot going on .. Destination turk and now winter holiday in Cuba instead! Biggest savings this week was on mobile phone provider changes saving five pound a month! Betty

  3. That looks very familiar - Tokyo perhaps?
    Can't wait to hear all about the trip Julie - I know we must have had similar experiences.
    Welcome home.
    Hugs, Mary

  4. I have missed you. It sounds like the Japan trip was a good break for you. Plans are always up for revision in my book. I wonder what you will do next? I look for toward to some vicarious travel when you tell us more about Japan.

    There is a travel plan that may well hatch here too.

    My pots have been a little hungry because there is always more month than money. Last night I was able to stuff in a goodly amount though.

  5. Looking forward to the Tokyo trip photos. I added nothing this week to the sealed pot challenge.

  6. It looks like you had an amazing adventure!

    A few pence in my sealed pot - it's not very heavy at the moment :(

  7. Lovely to have you back, and it all sounds very intriguing :-)

    My Sealed Pot is really only getting little dribs and drabs ... but even they add up nicely as I've found out over the last couple of years thanks to you!!

  8. My pots are getting fed but only with small amounts. I managed to save just over a hundred pounds from this months' budget to put into the savings account (£2014 in 2014) but now our budget is reduced to reflect our lower costs there is not so much opportunity to save! Have just sold a couple of things on ebay so another £8 or so into the pot, but now wondering how I can complete this challenge (although I am about half way there now). The photo looks lovely, I cannot wait to see more and hear about your future plans. Our plans constantly change, we have now gone backwards a bit as we have just committed to changing our motorhome but the replacement one has a better layout for us as we are definitely planning to continue with this nomadic lifestyle for many years to come. X

  9. Welcome Home!!!!! Am really looking forward to the pictures now you have given us a teaser! How exciting.

    Squid pot... Car parking £6.90, shrapnel from purse approx. £2.50ish £4 from shaking the squid pot at OH and him emptying his pockets.

    Presents ZERO

    Stock pile, 10 packs of noodles.

    cant wait to see the piccies!

  10. Welcome back SFT! I cant wait to read all about your trip!! The sealed pot is getting combined efforts from both my boyfriend and I and written on it is JAPAN 2015! This year we're "just" traveling to Austria and Switzerland and am currently in planning mode for this.

  11. HI SFT

    So glad you are both back safe and sound and that you had an amazing time.

    Looking forward to both these photos and hearing more about your plans. I think it's wise to be flexible re your travel plans, sounds like you need to be.

    You just never know what's around the corner! And I know this only too well as my cancer has returned and I'm now having to have 15 days of radiotherapy on this lot. I look on it as I'm lucky though, as the cancer returned in a weird spot (a lump under the skin on the top of my leg) so I found it, if it had attached to an organ who knows what might have happened! Unlucky though as it's in such a weird place that everyone just thought it was a cyst and it's been growing away (nasty little devil!) so now needs more treatment. I see my oncologist tomorrow, I'm hoping that she doesn't recommend chemo but if she does i'll deal with it, but not until after my holiday!

    We leave May 30 so I have a week from radiation treatment finishing to rest up and get over the treatment before our holiday. We are now going to Amsterdam for a night and I'm looking more forward to that than I was to the high tea in London! Woo hoo, can't wait, something good to look forward

    and we all need something to look forward to!

    I have a couple of other places on my bucket list, but will make a decision regarding work and when/where we travel once I've seen my oncologist and see what she advises.


    PS My pot has not been doing so well, sadly but I will persevere :)

    1. Judy I am so sorry to read this. But I am very glad that you were able to catch this latest growth. Continue to look forward to your Amsterdam/UK holiday. Take it day by day and keep looking forward ~ Pru

  12. Welcome back Sft! Sounds like Japan was a blast - looking forward to see lots more pics. I admit, I've been starving my poor little sealed pot. Must find a snack soon. ~ Pru

  13. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  14. Hello! It's good to see you! Taking part in a blogging competition means my Frugal Wife blog has been neglected these past few weeks (how ironic!), but the pennies have still been going into the Sealed Pot. We managed to put away around £20 in April, which is good for us. Have a great bank holiday weekend! Sx