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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to sheamacleod.com, my new follower! I hope you can leave a comment from time to time :)

As you know from my posts-life has thrown my family a few curved balls lately...I've kind of lost my saving mojo and felt a bit dispirited about things.

Last week I made a decision to re-focus and make some positive (travel) plans for the future. From this decision I've also created a new blog which I would love to share with you:


My old faithful SFT blog will keep going and I hope receive a boost from what is going is being planned on my other blog too.

So back to the 2020 SEALED POT CHALLENGE......

My motivation photo this week is of animals at the NGORONGORO CRATER:

I am so excited about seeing this crater and of course the beautiful animals that live there. I have never been to Tanzania so this will be an exciting new country for me during the 2020 trip. 


2 X 50ps 
1 x 20p 

Gone into the pot today. As I said last week, the pot is getting heavy but has LOADS OF ROOM left in it.

As I mentioned above I have been losing my saving mojo a bit but I did manage to save a little on food shopping this week:

£1.10 on yellow stickered bread
50p on yellow stickered sausages
75p on yellow stickered sausage rolls

Next week I will re focus on my travel goals and be thinking of some creative ways to save money!

£2 gone into the purse this week. I have not allocated the money towards a goal yet, but I can guarantee it will be spent on an experience or towards an experience.

Thank you for your continued support. I'm off now to reply to your lovely comments.

Sft x


  1. Big boost to the savings this week - £1.10!!!! Worst week so far, but we are almost at the end of our month, and feel sure we have saved some from our March budget. We too have been in transition to summer work, and have to re-adjust budgets to suit our current situation so I have to find my saving mojo too. I have not been using cash to pay for food etc, hence why so few pennies added to the pot. Anyway, good luck with the new blog, and good luck to everyone else saving.

  2. Hi Sft! Twenty cents went into the sealed pot. Hope you feel better soon and regain that much needed mojo. Hope everyone else in hanging in there too. Spring is here! ~ Pru

  3. Looking forward to following your new blog.

    My sealed pot has been doing real well. I was not optimistic at first but, there is a good chunk of money in it already. Happy Dance!

  4. Nothing here. Hope everyone has a great saving week next week!

  5. I saved $5.75 using coupons yesterday so rounded up and put $6 into the sealed pot. We take off on our trip April 5th. I will not be blogging while gone, one needs a holiday from everything, don't they? Back on the 17th of April.
    I have decided to accelerate trip savings to at minimum $500 per month as we finally have a bit more breathing room this year, no mortgage and as of July will only be paying child support on one kid not 3 (other 2 graduate from college/school this spring and eldest is off working paying for himself yay!) As well, the company is doing well so most of this money will come from my part-time job outside the house. We haven't traveled much in the last 3 years with quitting our jobs, starting our company and moving so now is the time! Now I am off to checkout your new blog. Cheers

  6. Good morning everyone. My $1 and 2 pot has had some better days this week. My new silver pot is growing too. We are still eating from the freezers etc and finally a hole is apparent. I am excited by this.

    Enjoy your break cheapchick and I will pop into the new blog to follow you there,

  7. I'm excited about your new blog, SFT! I luuuuurve travel and this blog plus your posts on Frugaldom have really inspired me to start prepping for my UK/Europe trip next year. I'm in the USA, so no hexagonal coins for me, but I did find nearly $3 worth of various coins in the bottom of my purse and random other places around the house. Into the sealed pot! In addition, I got $1.50 cash refund on shipping. Into the pot! And another $4 as I missed the pool this week (I usually go 2 x $2 per week.). Also, I have started a separate travel savings account to put "saved not spent" money. Three things added to that pot this week: returned items to Amazon which didn't fit/didn't need and savings on one item ordered of ebay instead of bought at the store. $94.08! I don't expect my pots will be quite that good every week, but we'll see. I'm excited about looking for ways to save and add to my pots. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  8. I tried to leave a comment on your new blog, but alas! It seems to have gone awry. I just wanted to say how excited and inspired I am. I just turned 40 and am looking forward to joining you on the "40 at 40" challenge. :-)

  9. Continued hugs. I think we all lose our saving mojo at times. Great idea to get reinspired with the new blog. My DH hates travel so we don't do it. I do occasionally go off on my own but can only really do it in our winter which is not fun.
    I am adding $50 to the sealed pot this week as I sold a baby blanket. My customers now have to pay ahead of time before I knit anything for them.

  10. Glad you've managed to save a little. My usual savings are still going to plan but I'm not focused on saving extra at the moment. I think it will pass as I get back into some of my usual routines and regain my discipline! Having said that some expenses/choices can't be avoided which I guess is why we save in the first place! Hope you have another good savings week. Sx

  11. Pennies in to the pot again this week...you can change me from a Fun Goal to paying off a mortgage...due to Mom needing to stay in a care facility full time I must purchase the family home in order to keep it...

    Love reading everyone's updates...big or small savings inspire me too...

  12. Hey SFT! I Just started following your blog again and I look forward to the Sealed Pot Challenge. We started ours Sometime around September. Actually its a Piggy Bank to go towards our Sons first Disney World Trip this coming October! I'm hoping following you will give me the kick I need to start saving more in there. As of now we are lucky to throw a few quarters in every week. Stupid Plastic Money cards always making me forget to use cash!