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Sunday, 9 March 2014


Hi Everyone!

This week's inspiration picture are our balloon flight over the Namib Desert and champagne breakfast in 2005 . This was our birthday and Christmas present (combined) for each other! An experience we will never forget and worth every penny!


Saved not Spent-I couldn't face going out on Friday so I saved the £15 I would have spent on a meal and a drink. I will put that in the pot.

Saved not Spent-This is the 2nd month where we save on the council tax-so another £115 to go into the pot!

How has your sealed pot week gone?


Poster preview

2 X 50ps
2 X 20ps

Added to the pot! It continues to get heavier.


It has been a tough week for my family and on Friday I really felt like a big bar of chocolate to cheer myself up.  But I didn't! And that is a good thing.
I've decided to also to limit my alcohol to special occasions only. A new part of this challenge.

Thank you so much for your comments. I read every one. 

Life is certainly gaining perspective for me. It's time to get ready living for me.

Sft x


  1. Hi All,
    Sorry have been absent for a couple of weeks enjoying our dream holiday (Norwegian cruise). It was expensive but worth every penny, and the items we bought with last year's sealed pot money were well used. I wore my duck down coat every day and was never cold, the video camera was used on our excursions (including recording the whole of the half hour husky sledging). I am very pleased to report that (mainly because of our holiday) we came in under budget in February to the tune of £269, and managed to save a few pounds here and there during out time away, including finding a 20NOK coin at the most northerly point of Norway, so £2 was also added to the pot on our return. Now we are back with our usual currency I have added a few coins to my hexagonal pot, and next week are off to start out latest summer assignment in Dorset, so all very positive here. We are all thinking of you at this difficult time, and hope your time away next month proves as relaxing as ours. (we now have to plan our next adventure which cannot take place until at least November!)

  2. Lovely photo's as usual - I always find them very motivational. Well done on the pot - the savings seem to be going well and also you sound as if you are doing really well on the sugar front too.

  3. Hi SFT

    Great savings for your pot, the council tax saving is brilliant!

    We had a reasonably good week for the pot here so I'm happy with that and a few more 50c pieces as well :)

    Sending big hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. we've booked another holiday, the first two week of school holiday in mobile home in
    Carnac Bretagne Sud and then a four night break in Roscoff for the August bank holiday, so it's save, save save here! saving for travel is always worth it

  5. I have just put $5 into the sealed pot for weekends away. Hubby and I were talking and we are hoping to now try and take a big trip every year. Child support ends on 2 kids this Spring so there will be more funds available - not having a mortgage makes a huge difference too. I really hope you have a wonderful holiday away - life is for living, not so much for working :)

  6. Amazing work everyone. I loved reading about everyone's plans and adventures.

    SFT and Mr SFT hugs and love to you and your family.

    I have come to a decision about my sealed pots. Our church is building a new youth centre. It is sadly needed in our area. However it will cost around $6 000 000. So as I cannot afford to give anymore I am donating my silver sealed pot contents to the appeal. That means the pot that is now filled will go next week.

    My gold pot for $1 and $2 is doing quite well at present and I am hoping that projected $1000 will happen by Christmas.

    Keep up the great work everyone and have a great week.

  7. That balloon trip looks fabulous, what a lovely gift to yourselves.
    Things are still quite tight here, so cant put the same level of coins into the pot, tho still putting in all coins smaller than 20p. Hopefully things will pick up soon and I can start to put bigger coins in.
    Have a great week.

  8. Hi Sft! I hope you are doing okay. Please make sure to take time for yourself. Family and life are tough. But a few quiet minutes to yourself can make a world a difference. Silly but deep breathes in a difficult situation can help.

    Those pics are fabulous. Absolutely fab! This week Skippy got 59 cents. Woo-hoo! Yup I put Skippy on a diet :-) Managed to put $15 in my other money pots so I'm okay with the little snack.

    Hang in there! ~ Pru

  9. Hugs for you and your family. I finally got paid for a knitting project so added $25US to the pot.

  10. Only a few pennies in my pot again this week, never mind, it's better than nothing.

    Hope you're ok, sending hugs xxx

  11. Gorgeous photos - I can well see why those would provide inspiration!

  12. Great photo's thanks for sharing.
    When joining the sealed pot challenge this time I had no idea what the money was going to be spent on, thus, TBC on your sidebar.
    Last week I decided on my next trip, in November will be going to Ecuador for two weeks, sealed pot will be opened early and the contents will be used for spending money during that trip.
    Several Loonies were added during the past couple of weeks.
    Keep well

  13. Virtual deposit made automatically...only a bit of change from my purse...had to take some unpaid sick days from work so next pay will be ugly...glad I'm a little ahead...

    hope all is going well...

  14. £40 in the pot this month as my gym are reimbursing me the promised free March membership fee as I achieved lowered cholesterol and lost weight in my first year of membership - Betty

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