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Sunday, 4 March 2012


Hi Everyone!

I do hope you are having a great weekend. I wish to invite anyone to join in the Sunday Night Chit Chat session. I really look forward to hearing what people have been up to each week.


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It's time to chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT AM I.............................


Well I've just finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I heard about this book a couple of years ago and wanted to read it ever since. Of course the film was Oscar nominated.

It is a fantastic read and shocking to think it relates to a time only 50 years ago! It helped improve my terrible knowledge of American History. There is a strong story line and great characterisation, which I love. 
I would highly recommend it and I give it 9 out of 10.

Now I'm reading another recommendation: COASTLINERS BY JOANNE HARRIS. Joanne is a British writer, author of Chocolat (you may have seen the film with the delicious Johnny Depp in it?)

On the tiny Breton island of Le Devin in France, life has remained almost unchanged for over a hundred years. For generations, two rival communities, the wealthy La Houssiniere and the improvished village of Les Salants, have fought for control of the islands only beach.

When Mado, a spirited local girl, returns to Les Salants after a ten-year absence, she finds her home threatened, both by the  tides and machinations of a local entrepreneur. Worse the community is suffering from an incurable loss of hope.

Mado is not so easily discouraged. Dogged by prejudice from the superstitious villagers, she is forced to enlist the help of Flynn, an attractive drifter. 





3rd Episode of Upstairs, Downstairs

We've been to my parents for Sunday lunch so we've had a day off from cooking. 
This weekend we've been menu planning for March. 

As it's warmer our neighbours' hens are laying again so we are enjoying cooking with the beautiful eggs. I'm looking forward to having a boiled egg each evening for my tea!

My niece has a day off school on Tuesday so she's coming in to help. 
Mothers Day with my Mum!
Our anniversary break.
My Easter Holiday.

My health, family and friends.
Mr Sft.
Primroses and Snowdrops!


Sft x

Thank you to everyone who left a comment about yesterday's post. :


PIECE BY PIECE: Financially we are aware of curved balls that may come. I suppose the pension increase is one of those. At least we've got a good chance of paying off our mortgage before the increases start. 

Sounds like your clothes dryer has been a curved ball for you too: a necessity you can't do without. I hope your new one lasts as long as your old one, 22 years service is amazing. Fantastic news about your additional trip savings. And your sealed pot is being filled up nicely. 

THEANNE, Thanks for your support. Sounds like your trip savings are mounting up nicely. Looking forward to hearing more about your big girls camera. Although I have to say you do wonders with your present one.

MUM, I feel lucky that we should be able to afford the new pension payments. I'm not so happy working for longer. But you are right, we are in a good position.

Why did you carry on working for longer? 

FRAN, Thanks for your support (as always). Private tuition sounds like a good plan to top up your income. May I ask when you're planning on retiring?

JO, We are so looking forward to going under 10k with our mortgage. Due to the £200 I think I will now have to work an extra year. 

JANE, Sounds like you have a good pension plan in Canada. 2 years to go is fantastic. If you are living simply on PEI then a reduced pension should go along way. What about Michael? Will he retire too?

ANNE, I love it when people say how much they are enjoying their retirement! You seem to be living comfortably on your pensions and saving some too, that's brilliant!

MATTHEW, The state pension is separate to my teacher pension. I pay into my teacher pension each month and my employer (my school pays in a larger chunk too). It's a good pension, teachers are very lucky. Hopefully we will still beable to pay off our mortgage this year.

LAURA: Thanks for your support (as always). We are delighted with our mortgage freedom progress. Can't wait to go under 10k!


  1. I enjoyed The Help too. It took me a little while to get into it but once I did I couldn't put it down. I have put in for voluntary redundancy in 2014, but have been told that I don't stand much chance of getting it. Otherwise I hope to go in 2015 when I am 56, but I won't get my teachers pension until I am 60 (providing they don't change it!) and my state pension when I am 67. So I will have to do something to bring in some money xxx

  2. I loved The Help! The movie was quite good too, will you be watching it? :) I love farm fresh eggs, there's nothing better!! Yum!

  3. I am popping in to say hello, as I haven't been by in a while.

    Gill in Canada

  4. I so want to read The Help, but saw today in the times there was a free download, I just posted on my blog how to download it. I cant wait to listen to it.

  5. You have lovely things going on :-) Haven't read The Help, nor have I seen the movie... it's on my list to read and watch :-)

    I too love to do a Sunday Night Chit Chat, it really starts the week off on the right foot!

    Have a great week :-)

  6. I have literally just finished 'The Help' - what a super first novel - I loved it! I felt the author captured the early '60s, very well, and the style in which the maids spoke seems very authentic. Excellent read.

  7. Sft, I worked for longer because I was the sole wage earner and I had to make sure that the pension I received was enough for us to live on as we had no other money coming in.
    Love from Mum

  8. I'm only thinking about a bigger better camera...actually I need art supplies more!

  9. Sunday night chit chat what a good idea- I was away in Devon so missed this one. We taped Upstairs Downstairs and watched late - I love it so much - the costumes are beautiful, won't spoil the plot as you haven't watched but it's action packed this week and all about women and a changing world.

  10. I'm reading The Help at the moment and I'm really enjoying it. I want to see the film once I've finished the book.

  11. Glad you enjoyed The Help. I read the book and then saw the movie, loved them both.
    Good news, the expenses that I had last week, will be covered (almost)by a couple of items I had up for sale.
    So back on track with the saving. This weeks weather is going to be looking more like Spring.
    I received the prize of some quilting books from a fellow blogger.
    Life are good.

  12. I haven't read The Help but saw the movie. I find the subject matter a little difficult to watch as I hate to see anyone oppressed (but they do a great job of getting some measure of revenge!) How did you enjoy Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? I haven't seen it yet but LOVE the actors in it. Did you ever finish The Birth of Venus?
    Re Michael and retirement. He currently works 3+ jobs - full-time at a shoe store, part-time in a restaurant, part-time as a life coach and also presents workshops on a number of topics related to leadership skills. He'll give up the first two but continue with the second two and he'll likely find some part-time work in order to have a steady income. He NEVER has a problem finding work!

  13. Have missed you while I was away but catching up on your posts now. Hope that weekend at The Swan will be fabulous (or perhaps you've already been) it looks like a special place and you do deserve a break!

    Hugs - Mary