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Sunday, 18 March 2012


Hi Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mothers Day. My brother and I took my Mum and Dad to a pub nearby for lunch which was very nice. Then we came back to mine for her to open her presents. We went out for a walk to see the wild primroses and the baby rabbits on the lane. Later we had a cream tea: scones topped with home made jam and clotted cream-served the Devonshire way in honour of  my Mum. What did you get up to?

I do hope you are having a great weekend. I wish to invite anyone to join in the Sunday Night Chit Chat session. I really look forward to hearing what people have been up to each week.


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It's time to chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT AM I.............................



I loved how the small island of Le Devin, France was described. The characterisation was good. The plot was very good although the final chapter seemed a bit rushed. 
I would recommend it though and I give it 7 and a half out of 10

Eileen and John are childhood sweethearts. Marrying young, against their families' wishes, the couple barely survive the poverty of rural Ireland. When John is injured in the War of Independence, Ellie emigrates 'for one small year' to earn money for the operation which will allow him to walk again.

Arriving in the Jazz Age New York, Ellie is seduced by the energy and promise of America. 


What can I say...fantastic acting but not a barrel of laughs.

Gladiator..can't believe it's 12 years old! Love this film..it really blew me away when I saw it at the cinema all those years ago and when Maximus is reunited with his family in the afterlife at the end I was crying! 

Chose this photo as it has the wonderful Oliver Reed. He was brilliant in it!


Who isn't watching this....even my 88 year old Uncle Roger!


Saw this years ago-David Fincher is a genius!

Not much. Have leftovers-veggie shepherds pie for dinner yesterday. Today went to the pub. 

The end of term!
A pub lunch with my sister on Thursday.
Going to the Hotel on Friday for our anniversary.



Sft x

Thanks for your comments about yesterday's post:

Fran: Oh, I hope your foot gets better soon. Of course you can come in my ruck sack.

Mrs Thrifty: The trip is now only 131 days away and I am getting so excited.

Jo: We are excited about getting the new camera and a photo of a Cheetah would be amazing! But just to see another one would be enough for me.

Sandra: Yes, the big goals are getting closer and I think I've been a bit overwhelmed about it. So I'm trying not to dwell too much on the mortgage as I can't believe it's really going to happen.

Jane and Chris: Yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean about Kenya stealing your heart. 

Sue15cat: Can't wait to start my journal about the trip and intend to enjoy every moment! Hope I don't bore you when I return. :)
I will keep eating the bananas and am looking forward to the end of term. Roll on Wednesday! 

Mary: Thanks for wishing for a cheetah! I hope we get a view as spectacular as yours in 2010. Was that in Botswana? 
I can't believe your photos aren't taken with a SLR! You have an amazing talent. 
Have a wonderful time in Singapore. Looking forward to the photos. Have you been before? 

Betty: Thank you for your well wishes. Oh, I know what you mean about the Secretary birds. Aren't they amazing, the way they stalk around. Sounds like you have wonderful memories of your trip to Kenya too.

A Blessed Life: I like to take photos of people too, when I travel, especially when they are doing ordinary things. I intend also to take more photos of where we stay etc..


  1. Cream tea!!! I LOVE cram teas. Mr grandma used to make glorious Victoria sponges for tea and of course we'd have devonshire clotted cream for the scones, with jam. *sigh*

    Sounds like a lovely day there! I am going out for a walk with a friend later, along the river. It's a lovely day here and I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Ah, the wonderful Oliver Reed. Many years ago my Dad had a friend who he met when they were working in Oman. They both came back to England to work and JCB ( Dad's friend) phoned my Dad one day for a chat. I came downstairs to see my Dad on the phone looking shellshocked , and then chatting and laughing. When he'd finished my Mum asked who he'd been speaking to - it was Oliver Reed, who JCB was staying with.He'd been friends with Oliver Reed for years, and was even mentioned in his autobiography. My Dad was absolutely thrilled by the phonecall- I'll never forget the look on his face!
    Gladiator is probably my favourite film of alltime. I saw it at the cinema and the opening battle sequence had me gasping. I've wathed it many times since and always cry when Cicero hangs as Maximus escapes. I wrote many uni assignments to the soundtrack , and have chosen part of the soundtrack to be played at my funeral - morbid maybe but I think these things should be sorted- I have chosen all the music and the poetry.

  3. Very nice blog. You might be interested in my post on our Singapore stopover on the way to Paris. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2011/11/singapore-stopovers.html

  4. Sounds like you've had a great day.

    We've watched a really good film this evening called Since Otar left. It's about 3 generations of Georgian women living in grim circumstances, while their lives revolve around Otar who has gone to live in Paris...

    I'm reading Birdsong at the moment, which is quite harrowing in parts, but it's very good.

    Have a good week!

    Kay :)

  5. Your Mom's Mother's Day sounds quite lovely!

    Wishing you a Happy Anniversary (in case I forget to at the right time)!

    April has been designated a month of frugality for me and Baron!

    I'm thinking of trading the trip to Key West for a bigger better camera! There are still so many things to see and do right here where I am I don't think I'll be disappointed at all! Baron certainly won't miss it! There are groups of dachshund owners in the area who "meet and greet"! I was thinking that might be a good way to go before setting off to KW for the Dachshund Walk. That way maybe I'd know someone there...so I'm pushing the KW trip to 2013!

    Have a good week SFT!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day! And yay for not cooking much... lol! I'm always game for anything which requires less cooking! ;)

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family, and there's lots more to look forward to this week too. You do break up early for Easter.

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely day with your family. Mother's Day is in May for us over here.
    This week I am sorting out my warm weather clothes. Going on a week's vacation with my son,DIL, and GD, to Augusta, Georgia on March 31st. Going to a practise round of the Masters then on to Hilton Head Island for a few days.
    Saving for S.A. is back on track again.
    Now that you are almost down to double digit countdown days, time will start going fast.

  9. I've been a fan of Oliver Reed ever since I saw him play Bill Sikes in Oliver! Something about that face that just screams VILLAIN!
    Your pictures of Africa are heartbreakingly beautiful (not sure if that's a work...but now it is!)
    Our Mother's Day isn't until May, usually the second Sunday. My mom always disliked that because her birthday was May 10th so we usually celebrated both at once and she thought she was shortchanged! Achieving balance is difficult - I struggle with it daily. I took a break from blogging for most of last week as I was on a week's break from school, but now feel I've missed a lot of posts from blogs I love to read. It's a constant battle staying up to date!

  10. Scones, jam and clotted cream, lovely! I do envy you the lovely Easter break you get, wish we could shut down the prison for a couple of weeks!

  11. Sounds lovely and like you've been busy.

    I enjoyed Coatliners, but then that's probably because it's not something i'd normally read so i was pleasantly surprised!xx