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Saturday, 17 March 2012


Hi Everyone!
Edited in: Mrs Thrifty is having a great giveaway on her blog. Just become a follower and leave a link :

Well everything seems on track for Africa!

At the end of the month we make the final payment for our trip.

In the next few weeks we will be sorting out visas for our entrance into Zambia from Nambia.

We now have just £13 to find for our new camera. We will continue to sell on EBAY until we've raised the money.

With 132 days to go...I thought I'd start sharing what I am 
really looking forward to and hoping to see.

My very first safari to Africa was about 14 years ago. I went to the rift lakes of NORTHERN KENYA. I saw a third (yes I did say A THIRD) of the world's population of flamingoes at Lake Nakuru

and my first White Rhino with calf (infact I saw a number there and it was thrilling!). 

We sailed to 
Crescent Island, 
where many years ago they filmed 
OUT OF AFRICA with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. 

It is a wonderful, fairly unique place where you can walk as THERE ARE NO PREDATORS (they were removed for filming). I walked alone and suddenly saw a group of 3 giraffe run past, so graceful. A while later I stood close by to watch a lone giraffe feed from the top of an Acacia tree. 

And at the end of the trip we travelled through desert and one street (Wild West style) settlements to visit the 
Samburu National Park. 
The area is home to the 
Samburu people (related to the Masai). 

Here we saw amazing wildlife but my highlights were definitely 
(a type of antelope that feed standing on their hind legs)

lion cubs 

and a sighting of a Cheetah. 

This was a very special  moment. It was sitting up on its hunches, sitting under the shade of a tree. 
Remember this was 14 years ago. 

The camera I had couldn't take a photo of it. So I enjoy my view and I can still see it in my memory photo album. 

I really lost my heart to Africa on that trip. Such unforgettable moments. 

And the reason I mention it is because I have returned to Africa many times since and guess what I haven't seen since...yes a CHEETAH.

So it is right at the top of my wish list. Mr Sft has never seen one and my nephew is eager to (infact he wants to see any big cat!)


1. Cheetah: 

Appearance: Tall, slender cat with black coinlike spots on yellow fur. Face has 'fear' streaks.
Active: Mostly active in the early morning and late afternoon. Mothers may hunt during the heat of the day.
Cubs: May has as many as 9 (but usually 3-6) cubs. 
Feeding: Many small/medium antelopes, hares, large birds (including ostriches). Male coalitions can tackle prey up to the size of a Wildebeest.
Voice: High yelps used to maintain contact: in cubs this call sounds like a bird. Growls, barks and 'chuters' during courtship.

To see a Cheetah at top speed, is for many, the pinnacle of African wildlife-viewing. It is the fastest land animal ever to have existed. But endurance is a problem so Cheetahs stalk close to their prey before unleashing their phenomenal acceleration. 

Females are loners but males form lifelong alliances known as coalitions (usually between brothers but lone males will often team up with others). Males defend their territory and teamwork makes all the difference in a fight. Lone male cheetahs have little chance of securing a territory.

Females wander and are non-territorial. They are looking for prey concentration and the availability of cover in which to hide their cubs. (Adapted from Watching Wildlife-Southern Africa)

I will be sharing what's next on my wish list and trip details soon

Sft x

Thanks for all your lovely comments about last Sunday's post. I am fine. I am looking forward to the end of term so I can reclaim some 'me' time and redress the balance in my life. 
At the start of the week I was eating really well. But school got in the way and spoilt that a bit. I've been eating alot more bananas which give me instant energy.
Family and friends have remained a priority I am pleased to say.
We've got some nice things planned, including 2 short breaks in Suffolk.


  1. How exciting and something to really look forward to. If I promise to lose some weight can I stow away in your suitcase?!!

  2. Good to hear that and your trip is going to be spectacular xx

  3. What amazing memories of previous trips, and something to look forward to too. Glad to hear that you're nearly there on the camera goal, you'll have a brilliant new camera to snap that cheetah when you see it.

  4. All of your big goals are getting closer to fruition - well done, all of your hard work is paying off, I am so excited for you!

  5. Hubby and I went to Kenya in the late 1980s...Kenya stole our hearts too. It really felt like the birthplace of man.
    Jane x

  6. What amazing memories (and photos) you have, and the knowledge that there are more to come is amazing.

    Look after yourself until the end of term, you need the rest I'm sure. Bananas are a brilliant boost, so much healthier than a Mars bar. I seem to be addicted to apples and lettuce at the moment, although not at the same time :-)

    Sue xx

  7. I just know you will see a cheetah this next trip - at least I'm wishing hard for you! We saw several in 2010 including three brothers (we named 'The Cheetah Boys') in one location, all sitting quietly in the grass on a lazy, warm day.

    I now have an SLR camera and plan to take it to Africa and hopefully get better pics of moving animals. I'm not bothering to take it on this next trip - just my much-loved point and shoot which takes pretty good shots with its 26X wide angle zoom, and is so much lighter and less bulky.

    Glad things are moving along and going better dear. We leave for Singapore via London on Wed. Two overnight flights - can you imagine what I'll look/feel like on arrival!!!?

    A banana just has to be the perfect food.
    Hugs - Mary

  8. Hope you will be feeling much better soon - I have heard that an avocado is a complete food, I always crave them when I'm not well. Complan is good too for making chocolate milky drinks that boost you up. How fantastic to see the cheetah on your travels - a rare sight. We took the train from Mombassa to Nairobi and visited Nairobi National Park, there was the Sheldrick orphanage there for elephants and a few baby rhino too - they are free to roam. I thought the funniest creature I saw was the 'secretary bird' - a very ungraceful thing! Your dreams are getting closer to reality now - getting visas must make it feel like it's really happening. Betty

  9. I could not help staring at the beauty of those wonderful people,how gorgeous..and the animals are wonderful too..when i am away I am always fascinated by the elderly, half my holiday shots were of old people,my favourite of a lovely elderly man on Monaco,he stood in his doorway with beret on and cardigan and i asked could i take his pic,he was so excited and being on digital i could show him,such a handsome old darling...anyway..looks like to will have another amazing time.

  10. I so excited for you! Can't stop looking at the flamingo picture. INCREDIBLE! Going to try and eat more bananas :)

  11. Your trip sounded lovely and no doubt the next one will be fantastic too.

    Glad things have been going ok and that you've been able to juggle everything:-)